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International Journal of Pharmaceutical, Biological and Chemical Sciences (IJPBCS)
(ISSN: 2278 - 5191)

You can submit your Manuscript through "Online Manuscript Submission" Option

IJPBCSis an International open access, peer reviewed Quarterly published online journal. Corresponding authors are requested to submit their manuscripts through online manuscript submission option. Each manuscript will be provided with a manuscript ID and in all future correspondences manuscript ID should be mentioned. Please note that all correspondence will be done through Email only.

Submission: Submit your manuscript though online submission by filling this form and upload your Manuscript and all necessary files to our journal database system.

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“Please submit the Manuscript in word file containing title page, introduction, Material and methods, Results and discussion, Conclusion, acknowledgement and References” Please send figures and tables in separate file.

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In the cover letter, kindly do not forget to mention the following. (Kindly click here to download : Model Cover Letter

• Type of paper - Research/Review paper

• Subject (Pharmaceutical sciences/Biological sciences/Chemical Sciences) and

• Branch of the manuscript undertaking statement that this manuscript is not under consideration for publication in any other journal.

Track Your Manuscript: through online system: Click here You can track the status of your manuscript through the online production process. Please provide your Manuscript ID to know the status.

If you have misplaced the acknowledgement e-mail from editor, but would still like to track your submitted manuscript through online production system, Please send an e-mail to the, with the name of the journal for which your manuscript was accepted, the title of your manuscript, and the full name of the corresponding author.

This tracking service does not allow you to check the status of any published Manuscripts/articles. Please contact the journal's Editor-In-Chief at,


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